Best CB Radio of 2017

Best Fixed-mount CB Radios

Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio

4-colour LCD display, 7.2×9.2×2.2 inches Memory channel with scan feature, Antenna calibration, 9ft Microphone cord, mounting hardware, 10 NOAA weather stations.

One of the best things about the Cobra 29 LX radio is the automatic channel scanning feature. The scan button is used to scan all 40-channel frequencies automatically. Moreover, the 10 National weather channels give weather alerts that are extremely beneficial for people traveling long distances – this in turn, makes it the best CB radio for truckers!

Essentially, the best thing about this feature is that not only will what you’re listening be interrupted in case of a severe weather alert, but also inform the user via an alert tone even if the radio is turned off! It allows risk-free traveling by allowing for prior testing of RF power, antenna condition and battery voltage. This feature saves not only time but also a good lot of hassle.

Cobra 29 LTD CHR 40-Channel CB Radio

40-channels, Chrome cabinet, SWR calibration, PA capable

The microphone can be used for loud and clear public announcements. The display is a bright blue that can be adjusted according to the time and light needs of the user. This radio has an impressive power output of 4 watts; maximum allowed by law. This allows for a practical 4 – 10 km of communication range. Another feature that aids clear, two-way communication is the antenna warning indicator that lights up when it detects a problem with the antenna. Moreover, the SWR calibration allows for maximum power and performance.

High-performance, the radio has 40 channels that one can easily browse through. These channels range from national weather channels to news and entertainment.

Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio (980SSB)

Mounting bracket noise blanker, PA function, sideband and weather band, SWR meter, 7-colour display.

This radio has a built-in signal and SWR meter that aids full frequency and clear reception. When traveling, it’s hard to get reception, but the 980SSB is not only AM/SSB sideband enabled but also a weather band with alerts. The tested range of communications is an impressive 8-14 mile; people going on long journeys to broadcast to people that fall under these parameters.

The Uniden CB radio offers its users seven colors to choose from. Depending on the preference and theme of the car, the color of the display can be determined. The radio comes with a mounting bracket that makes it easy to keep in one place. Fixed radios with long power cords are most useful and practical for truckers. The Noise blanker and noise-canceling microphone in the radio make it extremely feasible for PAs.

Best Handheld Cb Radio

Midland 75-822 CB Radio

Portable, 6AAA batteries, 40 channel coverage, 10 NOAA weather alerts.

The midland 75-822 40 channel CB way radio is convenient. Shaped like a walkie-talkie – the radio can be easily carried or moved around; because of the design, it is possible to keep it in your jacket perhaps. Unlike the mounted radios, this handheld radio does not need to be plugged into the lighter adapter for use; the buyer has two options:

  • Power it with 6 AAA batteries
  • Plug it in the cigarette lighter when using in the car.

The radio has an impressive 40 CB channel coverage – including ten national weather channels. Radio has quick and instant access to weather alerts, emergency informational, and channels of your preference. The channel coverage is not only impressive but the instant access feature to switch between 4 channels instantly is a huge plus.

 Yaesu Radio FT-60R

Handheld, 1000 channel memory, battery powered, Dual bandwidth, Weather/information alters, Alphanumeric display.

This handheld has a dual bandwidth. With an impressive 1000 channel memory, there are constant weather, information, and hazard alerts. The handheld can quickly transmit 144-148 MHz and 430-470 MHz and receive 108-520 MHz and 700-999.99 Mhz. Portable and easy to use: The radio is handheld and can be carried and used to scan channels easily. There is no need to it to be attached to a direct power source when using. Can be used when hiking or on the move because of the size and electricity supply.


When looking to purchase the best CB radio, buyers should consider some attributes, and see whether their radio:

  • Has a built-in emergency alert even when the radio is turned off
  • Can set alarms and timers using built-in clock
  • Can browse through 10 to 40 channels
  • Doubles as a PA: The microphone can also be used monitor received signals.
  • Power output: high output for better range
  • AM/SSB sideband capability
  • Comes with mounting and cord
  • Built-in signal meter with SWR for clearer reception
  • The antenna is flexible and can be easily be taken out when traveling.
  • Can be used on batteries. No direct power source needed.
  • Instant access to 3 weather and information and 1 of your choice.
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Adds mobility.


A handheld radio is more suited to people who need mobility and have limited space; whereas, CB radio with mounting is best for truckers who need a good range.

The best handheld radio is the Yaesu Dual handheld because of its 1000 channel memory feature and the overall range of the radio. A little expensive than the Midland, this radio compensates regarding notable features.

The best CB radio for truckers is the Cobra 29 LX because of a clock, timer, inbuilt alarm, weather alarms even when the radio is turned off.





Cobra 29 LX CB Radio10 NOAABuilt in clock, timer and alarm.9 ft Microphone cordLCS display with four color settings.10 channel memory
Cobra 29 LTD CHR CB Radio40 channelsMulti-purpose microphoneSWR calibration for better performanceDurable, chrome cabinet4 watt output.
UNIDEN BEARCAT CB Radio 980SSBWeather band alert.7 color displayPA functionCan be mountedSWR meter
Midland 75-822 40 channel CB RadioPortable40-channels LCD display.Flexible antenna1  year warranty
YAESU FT-60R Dual Band Handheld 


1000 channel memoryPortableWeather WarningScan option.Alphanumeric Display


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