Best Miroir Mini Projectors of 2017

Miroir MP35 Mini Projector

This projector model is an LED DLP based device which is suitable for streaming projected images onto your ceiling or a propped up screen. It is portable and easy to use. The design includes a metal enclosure in which the components of this device are fitted. It is perfect for watching movies, football, playing video games, scrolling through pictures, etc. This makes it the best Miroir Mini Projector MP35.

Its Features are;

  • Built-in speakers and 3.5mm audio output
  • It has an MP35 projector, HDMI to HDMI cable, Micro USB charging cable and Micro HDMI adapter
  • Built-in long lasting battery-up to 2 hours.
  • Ultra-portable, menu-free interface
  • Texas Instruments DLP technology makes this device reliable for use anytime.
  • HDMI connectivity, compatible with tablets, laptops, streaming devices, PC, smartphones, etc.
  • Native resolution of 854 x 480
  • One year limited warranty

However, you will need a lighting cable to connect your Apple devices. It has no wireless connectivity features. You will need a digital AV Adapter, an HDMI cable and An MHL or Slimport adapter for phones that have the MHL functionality. You don’t have to worry about battery while using because this device will work perfectly while connected to a power source.

Owning a personal projector is an excellent idea for the family. You can have ideal family time watching your favorite movies or streaming live videos online. If you are a sports fan, catching up with the latest sports live on the big projector screen is an excellent experience. The best part is these projectors are affordable, portable and they are very easy to use.


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