Top 3 Sony Vlogging Cameras for Youtubers

Do you have a vlog? Or are you thinking of starting a vlog? Vlogging is becoming very popular these days and it is not as difficult as it seems to start a vlog. You just need the perfect vlogging camera and a right space to standout from the rest. It is easy to use a smartphone camera, but it will not have a professional touch. All you need is the best vlogging camera preferably with a flip screen. In this post, we are going to review the cameras by Sony which are excellent for vlogs. The models developed by Sony are reliable, affordable and you are sure that the quality of your vlogs will be of a very high quality. Sony vlogging camera can be used to create videos in suitable video format compatible with popular video streaming websites like YouTube, Periscope, etc.

Below are the best Sony Vlog Camera Reviews for you.

Sony A5100 Mirrorless Digital Vlogging Camera

The A5100 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 3 Inch Flip LCD is a perfect Sony flip screen camera for your Vlog. The flip screen feature is ideal for vloggers, as you can record videos from multiple angles. The autofocus feature will impress you, it has a 179 phase detect points, and this gives you a broad coverage. It can easily track objects in motion. This camera for vlog also has features like a 24.3 megapixel APS C sensor and the recently developed Bionz X processor. Put your vlogging skills into practice; the results will be amazing.

The Sony A5100 vlog camera is fitted with a 3 inch LCD flip up screen. You will create the best videos with 921,600 dots; it also has a responsive touch function. The LCD can be tilted to 180 degree. This way you can shoot from creative angles. Other features include; video recording at 1080/60p and 24p, Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, USB, XAVC S codec compatibility (for bit rates up to 50Mbps). The packaging contains your Sony A5100 camera, A USB cable, lens cap and a shoulder strap.

Sony DSCHX80/B Point & Shoot Vlogging Camera

The Sony DSCHX80 Camera is great for vloggers. It is one of the affordable Sony vlog camera with flip screen. It is simple to use and very reliable. This camera has been compared with the DSLR models, and the results were impressive for this camera. The 18.2-megapixel sensor ensures video capture of 10 frames per second at full resolution. With this flip out screen camera, your videos are captured in full HD 1080/60p in XAVC S format. It also lets you record videos in formats like the AVCHD and MP4 with the option of many exciting scene selections.

The Sony DSCHX80/B has an excellent focus and a high zoom feature. This means every detail in your video will be visible to your audience. The 3 inch LCD screen tilts up at 180°. Do you like taking selfies? This feature will enhance your selfies remarkably. You can use this camera for your vlog. It has excellent video stability function, share your files conveniently via WIFI or NFC. Apparently, you will be getting a lot of value by using the Sony DSCHX80/B vlog camera.

Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-shot Vlogging Camera

If you need a good mid-range Sony vlog camera, the Sony DSC-RX100M III Vlog Camera is the model for you. It has a 20.9-megapixel resolution with an Exmor CMOS sensor. It will serve you well when you need to capture videos in low light conditions. This is possible because of the 1-inch sensor. Your vlogs will be full HD 1080p shot at 10 fps resolution.

This Sonly vlog camera has a 3 inch TFT LCD screen with as many as 1,229,000 dots; this enhances your audience’s viewing experience. It is easy to use, especially with the pop up OLED viewfinder. After making amazing videos, you can share the files either via WIFI or NFC. The Sony DSC-RX100M stands out as the best mid-range option yet for vloggers like you.

A Guide to Buying the Best Sony Vlogging Camera

To become a successful vlogger, you need to create content that will attract a massive traffic. This should be one of your primary objectives. Your vlog videos will stand out if you use the good vlog camera. When looking through the options, you should note the inclusion of some specific functions. To be clear about this, we will describe some features that you should look out for when you go shopping for a good camera for your vlog.

Full HD Video Recording and Good Image Quality

Any camera you plan to use for a video log should have full HD recording. The image quality in your vlog videos needs to be crisp and clear. The camera functions should be enhanced to shoot at 1080/60p at the very least. I recommend 18MP camera. Your objective here is to get a camera that will give you high quality.

Optical Image Stabilization

Shooting vlog videos will require you to move around. You need a good camera with enhanced optical image stabilization. This will prevent your audience from straining to see the pictures.

Lightweight Design

The fact is your vlogging experience will become spontaneous as time goes by. You might have to suddenly have to rush to your window to capture a shot. This is where lightweight cameras win. You can hold them longer without feeling any strain in your arms.


You will need to share your files with your mobile devices and computers. A good vlog camera should have WIFI and NFC capabilities


How much are you willing to invest in your vlogging career? The very best camera are not cheap, but you can get good models at very affordable prices. They have the necessary features you need to create good vlog videos. The basic range of camera prices is between $150 and $3,000. Good Sony camera with flip screen for vloggers can be purchased for $500 or less if they are on sale.


Overall, you should consider the important features of a vlog camera when you are buying yours. We have carefully selected the best models from Sony suitable for Vlogs. Sony has a reputation for making exceptional products so whatever your choice is; it is going to be a good one. So feel free to make a selection, choose the best Sony vlogging camera that makes you feel excited about your new hobby.


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